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Hot Air Heater Blower

Hot Air Heater Blower

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Power3 HP
No Load Speed3400 RPM
Air Volume2800CFM
Model Name/NumberVayuvents
Power Consumption36kw
Warranty1 year
Country of OriginMade in India

A Centrifugal Hot Air Heater Blower is a mechanical device designed to generate and deliver a stream of hot air for various industrial, commercial, or residential applications. This type of blower is specifically configured to handle hot air or gas, making it suitable for processes where the temperature of the air being circulated is elevated.

Here is a description of the key features and components of a Centrifugal Hot Air Heater Blower:

  1. Centrifugal Impeller:

    • The blower contains a centrifugal impeller, a key component responsible for drawing in air and accelerating it before expelling it through the outlet. The impeller is often designed with curved blades to efficiently move air in a radial direction.
  2. Heating Element:

    • To generate hot air, the blower is equipped with a heating element. This element can vary in design, with common types including electric resistance heaters or gas burners. The heating element raises the temperature of the air as it passes through the blower.
  3. Housing and Casing:

    • The blower is encased in a sturdy housing that not only protects the internal components but also helps direct the airflow in a controlled manner. The casing is typically made of durable materials to withstand high temperatures.
  4. Inlet and Outlet Ports:

    • The blower has distinct inlet and outlet ports. The inlet port draws in ambient air, while the outlet port expels the heated air. These ports are strategically positioned to facilitate efficient air circulation within the system.
  5. Motor and Drive System:

    • A powerful motor is employed to drive the centrifugal impeller. The motor is designed to handle the specific requirements of the blower, taking into account the load and operating conditions. The drive system ensures a smooth and reliable operation of the impeller.
  6. Temperature Control System:

    • Many Centrifugal Hot Air Heater Blowers are equipped with a temperature control system to maintain a consistent and desired air temperature. This can involve the use of thermostats or other temperature-sensing devices to regulate the heating element.
  7. Mounting and Installation Options:

    • These blowers can be designed for various mounting and installation configurations, allowing flexibility in their placement within a system. Common options include horizontal or vertical mounting, as well as different orientations based on the specific application.
  8. Safety Features:

    • Depending on the application, safety features such as temperature limits, pressure switches, and flame detectors may be incorporated to ensure the blower operates within safe parameters.

Centrifugal Hot Air Heater Blowers find application in a range of industries, including HVAC systems, industrial drying processes, food processing, and more, where the efficient generation and circulation of hot air are essential.

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