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Industrial Batch Ovens

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Vasai, we offer industrial electric heating oven and electric infrared batch oven.
  • Industrial Electric Heating Oven
  • Industrial Electric Heating Oven
  • Industrial Electric Heating Oven
  • Industrial Electric Heating Oven
  • Industrial Electric Heating Oven
Industrial Electric Heating Oven

Industrial Electric Heating Oven

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Capacity(Kg)3000 kg
Capacity3000 kg
Oven TypeBelt Conveyor Oven
Temperature200 deg. Celsius
Model Name/Numbervayuvents
Power Sourceelectric
Max Temperature200
Air-Flow DirectionDuel Air Flow

Vayuvent Pvt Ltd: Your Premier Partner in Industrial Oven Manufacturing and Services
Vayuvent Pvt Ltd stands as a leading force in the industrial oven manufacturing sector, combining innovation, precision engineering, and a commitment to excellence. With a rich history and a forward-thinking approach, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-notch industrial ovens tailored to their unique requirements. This comprehensive service description aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the myriad offerings and capabilities that set Vayuvent apart in the competitive landscape of industrial oven manufacturing.
Core Competencies:
At Vayuvent, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our team of experienced engineers collaborates closely with clients to design and manufacture industrial ovens that precisely meet their specifications. Whether it's size, temperature range, or specific functionalities, our commitment to customization ensures that the final product aligns seamlessly with your production needs.
Cutting-Edge Technology:
Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is reflected in the incorporation of the latest innovations into our oven designs. Smart controls, energy-efficient systems, and advanced automation are integral components of our industrial ovens. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces environmental impact, aligning with the global push towards sustainability.
Product Range:
Batch Ovens:
Vayuvent's batch ovens are designed for versatile applications, accommodating a wide range of production needs. With precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, these ovens are ideal for processes such as drying, curing, aging, and more. Robust construction and user-friendly interfaces characterize our batch ovens, offering reliability and ease of operation.
Conveyor Ovens:
For continuous production processes, our conveyor ovens provide a seamless and efficient solution. Designed for a variety of industries, these ovens ensure consistent quality and high throughput. Customizable conveyor speeds, temperature zones
Powder Coating Ovens:
Vayuvent specializes in the production of powder coating ovens, tailored to meet the specific demands of the coating industry. These ovens feature precise temperature control, even airflow, and optimal curing conditions, resulting in durable and high-quality finishes. Our powder coating ovens contribute to improved productivity and reduced energy consumption.
Drying Ovens:
Efficient and reliable drying processes are essential in many industries, and Vayuvent's drying ovens are engineered to deliver exceptional performance. Whether it's drying coatings, components, or materials, our ovens ensure uniform drying and eliminate moisture effectively.
Vayuvent's industrial ovens find applications across a diverse range of industries, including:
Automotive: For curing paints and coatings, preheating components, and various heat treatment processes.
Aerospace: Precision-controlled ovens for composite curing, heat treating, and thermal processing of aerospace components.
Electronics: Cleanroom-compatible ovens for the drying and curing of electronic components.
Food Processing: Ovens tailored for baking, drying, and other processes in the food industry, ensuring compliance with food safety standards.
Pharmaceuticals: Sterilization and drying ovens designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical production.
Plastics and Rubber: Ovens for preheating, curing, and thermal processing of plastic and rubber products.
Research and Development: Specialized ovens for laboratories and research facilities, supporting innovation and experimentation.


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  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
  • Electric Infrared Batch Oven
Electric Infrared Batch Oven

Electric Infrared Batch Oven

Rs 98,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Capacity(Kg)1500 kg
Capacity1500 Kg
Oven TypeWalk In Ovens
Temperature200 deg. Celsius
Model Name/Numbervayuvents
Power Source3phases
Air-Flow DirectionVertical Down Airflow

An Electric Infrared Batch Oven is a specialized type of oven designed for industrial and commercial applications that require efficient and precise heating processes. Unlike traditional ovens that use convection or conduction methods, an electric infrared batch oven utilizes infrared radiation to heat the targeted material or product. Here is a detailed description of the key features and characteristics of an Electric Infrared Batch Oven:

  1. Infrared Heating Technology:

    • The oven employs infrared heating elements, which emit electromagnetic radiation in the infrared spectrum.
    • Infrared radiation directly heats the surface of the material or product without relying on a medium like air or metal for heat transfer.
  2. Energy Efficiency:

    • Electric infrared batch ovens are known for their energy efficiency since they can rapidly transfer heat to the targeted object without the need to preheat the surrounding air.
    • This efficiency often results in reduced energy consumption and shorter processing times compared to conventional ovens.
  3. Precise Temperature Control:

    • These ovens typically offer precise temperature control, allowing users to maintain specific temperature levels for different materials or processes.
    • The ability to adjust and control the heat output contributes to better quality control and consistent results.
  4. Batch Processing:

    • The term "batch oven" implies that these ovens are designed for batch processing, meaning they can accommodate a specific quantity or load of products or materials at a time.
    • This batch processing feature is beneficial for industries that require a controlled environment for curing, drying, or other thermal processes.
  5. Versatility:

    • Electric infrared batch ovens find applications in various industries, including food processing, automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing.
    • They are suitable for tasks such as curing coatings, drying, preheating, and other heat-related processes.
  6. Compact Design:

    • These ovens often have a compact and modular design, making them suitable for facilities with limited space.
    • The compact design also contributes to faster heat-up times and increased responsiveness.
  7. Safety Features:

    • Electric infrared batch ovens typically come equipped with safety features such as temperature monitoring, overheat protection, and emergency shutdown systems.
    • These features ensure the safety of both the equipment and the products being processed.
  8. Automation Integration:

    • Many electric infrared batch ovens are compatible with automation systems, allowing for seamless integration into production lines and improving overall process efficiency.
  9. Easy Maintenance:

    • The design of these ovens often facilitates easy maintenance with accessible components and user-friendly controls.

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